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Choosing your birthday balloons can sometimes seem a little daunting with so much choice, so we have put together some of our most popular designs to help you decide. 

40th birthday personalised bubble balloon.JPG

Bubble Balloons

A bubble balloon is a great option for that special gift for someone that you love.  These balloons are large, round clear balloons, that you can fill with smaller balloons in a colour scheme of your choice and personalise for that extra special touch. 

A bubble balloon will last approx 7-10 days (probably longer)

Prices start from £29.99

Perfect for any age but especially popular for children's birthdays and milestone celebrations.  These designs are so versatile and can be adapted to suit a huge variety of colour schemes and themes. Add the extra special touch by personalising the numbers.

A number stack is air-filled (non- floating) and is a great option if you would like your balloons to last for a longer period.  They will last for weeks rather than days.  Our record is two years!! 

Prices start from £25 per number

Balloon bunches can be used to decorate a room, frame another balloon design such as a bubble balloon or either side of a number stack or used to decorate a single table or a number of tables at a venue.  We create foil bunches, latex bunches and mixed bunches. They are available in a huge variety of colour schemes, themes or combinations.   Plain foils can be personalised.

Balloon bunches are generally helium filled (floating) on ribbons and weights included. 
Prices start from £10 per bunch

no 30 - Rose Gold Deluxe Number Balloon Pair Close up 2 _edited.jpg


Helium foil numbers are fun and full of impact!

They are perfect for any age and with our huge range of colours available, you will find a number that suits your theme!  Helium number balloons can be personalised and come with ribbons and balloon weights.

Prices start from £12 per number

BBPKGDX002 - Deluxe Birthday Package - Rose gold, rosewood & sand 8_edited.jpg


Make an impact with more than one element from the above to create a display for your home or a party venue.  We provide some combination packages for those of you that would like to get your balloons sorted in a flash! 

Choose from our fabulous range of packages, available in most colourways to match your theme. 

Browse some of our birthday designs

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