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Themed Balloon Designs

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Themed balloon designs are a fantastic way to create a fun and playful look for any party or celebration.  We have made themed stacks for both young and old.  They are perfect for children's parties.  You can add their favourite character or theme, from unicorns and rainbows, Disney Princess, Gaming and Football themes, the possibilities are endless.  


Any of our Supershape foils, smaller foils, orbs and bubble balloons can be added to a latex stack.  If you don't see what you are looking for, then just get in touch as there is rarely a theme that we can not tackle! We stock a huge variety of latex balloons so will always have a colour that suits the theme.  

Themed stacks are air-filled so they sit either on the floor or on a sideboard or table.  Air-filled designs will last for much longer than helium balloons, they will last you for weeks! This is perfect if you are spreading out your celebrations over a longer period of time as you can enjoy them for longer, but also great if it is a children's design as they can love them for longer!


They look fantastic together with latex or foil bunches, you could even add a personalised bubble balloon to make a real statement display!


We can personalise your themed stacks with a name using premium vinyl lettering.


If you have a particular theme or colour scheme in mind, get in touch to discuss and we would be happy to help. 

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Looking for a specific theme?

Themed Balloon Stacks

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